O’Rileys sucks


I accidentally posted the redwoods story here, then moved it to a blog post.  However I decided it would be a worthwhile PSA to have a tab dedicated to my contempt towards O’Rileys.  I have fantasized about publicizing my contempt towards O’Rileys here, it is my pleasure to publish this page.

The O’Rileys stores I have been to have been terrible, the employees seem to lack the knowledge that you’d expect to see from an autoparts store.  Autozone employees perform at the standard I expect, and NAPA employees and products are above and beyond my expectations.  Their prices are a little expensive so I do try and source my parts off Amazon and Autozone which is also much closer to my house, but every time Autozone fails me Napa always picks up all their slack.  I have had enough experience among these 3 auto parts stores now to declare that NAPA is the best, Autozone is usually acceptable, and O’Rileys is F’ing terrible.  I did buy an oil pan from O’Rileys once though when Autozone was out of stock.  I have also visited O’Rileys a few other times to inquire products, onetime the manager even told me “no such thing exists”, Napa on the otherhand had the product.  Lastly, if your car ever breaks down in the middle of nowhere do you want to be F’ed with a cheap crappy O’Rileys part?  I have and I don’t want to ever do it again.

My wife and I also engage in a game that we call “F YOU O’RILEYS”.  Sometimes when I hear the “Oh oh oh O’Rileys” jingle on the radio we go “F*** YOU O’RILEYS!”.