2014 Bellingham Trip


My wife and I took the bus to Bellingham late 2014, or was it early 2015?  Heh, I don’t remember.  We didn’t take a lot of pictures because I can be a huge scrouge about ruining moments by shoving cameras in peoples faces.  Anyway  it was a lot of fun, however on the drive back the I started seeing thick white diesel smoke come out of the bus.  Me being the careless guy I am didn’t really think much of this.   I did change the oil though to combat this problem (it did not help).  It’s also good to note that somewhere around this time I tore out the interior wall panels and insulation.  I am very glad I did, the yellow fiberglass insulation was mostly black from all the dirt and mold. Here are some pretty sunset pictures we took on our drive up.



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