“2014 Presentation”

So it’s a ways back and a lot of this doesn’t even seem relevant anymore but there was a time this stuff was very important to me.


At the time I managed to find time to put a solid day’s work into the bus, There was this ugly rear deck which went over the wheel wells.  The deck wasn’t bad but there was this carpet superglued all around the deck and roof: I labeled this as the AIDS carpet.


Anyway I took it out and refloored the bus.  I got some free  laminate flooring off craigslist.  Some of my roommates at the time got drunk and burned all the carpet and wood I took out of the bus while I was at work.  I felt pretty guilty having them contribute to the destruction of our O-zone but I was pleased to see that junk gone.



Honestly this bus was still in crappy shape but I didn’t care, it looked great in pictures and impressed my facebook friends.  Since the bus was presentable expect very little work (as far as the time line as concerned).  Since I’ve done a lot of work since then you can expect many new updates soon.


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