The Craigslist Ad

So here’s the craigslist ad I spent so long staring at on my old company phone.  At this time I was pretty unorganized so this is about all I have.  One time I saw a schoolbus in Bellingham WA, with a deck on the roof and thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I fantasized about one day living in the bus and climbing up on the roof to have a cup of a coffee inhaling the crisp morning air.  Funny story I don’t even drink coffee anymore.  Anyway I bought the bus because it had hardwood flooring and a deck, I’m a sucker for gimmicks I guess.

Anyway we bought the bus for 1700 and a 24 pack of coors.  Visually it looked great, in reality it had a lot of problems.  You can barely see it in the last picture but there’s actually a giant hole (about one foot in diameter) above the left double door (penguin to the right of peace sign).  I have later learned that the smart people buy bus’s based around the engine and the transmission.  But whatever, the damage is done and I like my bus regardless.


I don’t know exactly when we took this picture so I’m just gonna leave this here.



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